Levi Agee’s Top 10 list includes nearly every movie released in 2010 with the word “ass” in the title

December 18, 2010

BDA strength coach Levi Agee checks in with his list of the best movies of 2010:

1. The Social Network– Has it all– the Aaron Sorkin‘s extremely witty, fast, human script, David Fincher‘s exceptional vision, a knock-out cast, and CGI twins.

2. Inception– If Charlie Kaufman wrote a James Bond movie it would be close to the awesomeness of Nolan’s mind-blowing cinematic masterpiece. Everything is multilayered and so complex but you can totally shut your brain off and enjoy the ride.

3. Jackass 3D– I laughed every second. Am I ashamed I like poo poo and pee pee jokes? Yes.

4. Let Me In– A sublimely crafted remake of one of the best horror movies ever made. The American version is a first rate adaptation of the book.

5. True Grit– The Coen Brothers rarely make a bad movie (Ladykillers, Intolerable Cruelty) and when they hit, they hit gold. True Grit is a fantastic family film that doesn’t pull any punches. Highly entertaining. Who’s John Wayne?

6. The Red Riding Trilogy– Better than the Godfather as far as trilogies go. This partly fictionalized tale of serial murders spanning decades in England takes three different directors and formats to tell the story of the Yorkshire Ripper and it is a doozy. If David Fincher directed The Wire it’d be a lot like this series.

7. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1– Since David Yates took over the franchise, the movies have become more like films. By that I mean they can be taken as standalone works of cinema instead of merely sequels or a means to an end. Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 feels more like a documentary of teenage angst and magical hysteria but the performances elevate it to one of the best of the series.

8. Kick-Ass — I’m a huge sucker for director Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake). I think this hyper-stylized adaptation of the graphic novel will hold up better over time than others (Watchmen). Maybe just because of Hit Girl (the fearless Chloe Moretz — see Let Me In) and the inspired role of Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy (Oh Child!).

9. Scott Pilgrim vs The World — A divisive film that split the NES generation from the pre-Atari generation. Edgar Wright’s frenetic and slicker than oil filmmaking style made watching another Michael Cera film entirely enjoyable–doesn’t hurt that soundtrack included Beck, Nigel Godrich, Broken Social Scene, and Metric.

10. A Prophet/Winter’s Bone/The Town — I lump these three films in together because I enjoyed them equally on different levels and couldn’t exclude them from a list. A Prophet might portray one of the greatest onscreen evolutions of a character. Winter’s Bone is a very compelling Ozark-noir anchored by a measured leading performance by Jennifer Lawrence. The Town is a fun, think-y bank heist movie that Ben Affleck didn’t ruin but actually benefitted from his involvement.

Would be on the list if I’d seen it before writing this: Black Swan, 127 Hours, The King’s Speech.

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