Chaplin’s Modern Times: “A story of industry, of individual enterprise, of humanity crusading in the pursuit of happiness.”

November 26, 2010

The Criterion Collection has just released a new re-mastered edition of Charlie Chaplin‘s 1936 film Modern Times, a movie that’s often described as Chaplin’s last stand against the talkies. It’s also often (and I think wrongly) described as the last …

Thanksgiving dog show

November 25, 2010

Your nose cone monkey is trying to figure some things out on his own. So consider these dog pictures experiments. Click here to view this photo book larger

“Thanksgiving,” Loudon Wainwright III

November 25, 2010

Lord every year we gather here To eat around this table Give us the strength to stomach as much As fast as we are able Bless this food to our use, Thou Communication’s useless Don’t let me drink too much …

Night of the Hunter gets the Criterion Collection treatment

November 24, 2010

Charles Laughton only directed one movie in his career, but in The Night of the Hunter (1955) he managed a great one that provided Robert Mitchum with his best role. As the Reverend Harry Powell, Mitchum divested himself of his …

Massive Attack “Splitting the Atom” video

November 24, 2010

Massive Attack-Splitting the Atom-directed by Edouard Salier from edouard salier on Vimeo. Edouard Salier‘s beautiful video for Massive Attack‘s “Splitting the Atom.” Here’s what Salier has to say about it: “The fixed moment of the catastrophe. The instant the atom …

Go inside the Ozark Point Water Works with Forbidden Hillcrest

November 24, 2010

From our friends at Forbidden Hillcrest. Non-Arkansas (and maybe non-Little Rock) readers should know that your nose cone monkey lives a well-struck three wood away from the Water Works and walks past it on a daily basis. And just the …

Clips from David O. Russell’s The Fighter with Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg

November 23, 2010

I’m deep into Academy Awards screener season (don’t hate me because I’ve seen The Black Swan; Karen says she’s decided the scene with the feathers coming out of the scratch on Natalie Portman‘s back “is stupid”) but there are still …

Ghostface Killah “Together Baby” (free download)

November 23, 2010

Yes, Dennis is our favorite member of the Wu-Tang. And no, we don’t always know what he’s talking about. But we think this is sort of a love song. Anyway, I’m keeping my head down. Maybe this will hold you …

Download Head Like a Kite’s “Diamond Paint”

November 22, 2010

This looks like it’s going to be kind of a hectic short week, which means I might not behere as often as I’d like. But I’ve got a few minutes now, so allow me to introduce you to my new …

Nick Lowe’s NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

November 22, 2010

Nick Lowe is one of my heroes.