Shoot Out the Lights available through Rhino Handmade

November 21, 2010

While if you haven’t already put in your order yet it may be too late, Rhino Handmade is offering a limited edition, double-CD version of Richard and Linda Thompson’s shattering 1982 break-up album Shoot Out the Lights. It’s $39.98, and the second disc comprises eleven previously unreleased recordings from the tour the fractcured couple embarked on to promote the album.

The live tracks include three songs from the Shoot Out the Lights sessions — “Back Street Slide,” “Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed?” and the title track — and others from the Thompsons’ ouerve including “For Shame Of Doing Wrong” and “Dimming Of The Day.” There’s also a fine cover of Hank Williams’ “Honky Tonk Blues,” and their take on Bob Dylan’s “I’ll Keep It With Mine.”

An accompanying 40-page booklet recalls the making of the album and the ensuing tour, which producer Joe Boyd recalls as being (understanably) tense:

“Linda kicked Richard in the shins during a guitar solo in Providence and threw a bottle at him in the Buffalo airport, but sang with an intensity I’d never heard before. Gone was the hesitant tone; the heartbreaking ballads poured out of her and mesmerized audiences. The band, meanwhile, kept their heads down and amazed the Yanks with their precision and power. Richard was his usual genius self, only more so.”

I’m writing an essay about the album, which — I’m guessing — will probably run in next Sunday’s (November 28) Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

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  • Comment by blind willie mctell — Nov 21,2010 at 1:58 pm

    This is one of Blind Wilie’s “most listened to” albums and I have you, Mr. Martin, to thank for introducing it to me. At one time or another, each song has been my favorite in the collection. RT is terrific (and Linda’s voice sublime). “Lyin’ in a pool of herself with a twisted neck” is a gruesome image that never fails to grab me. What a great work of art.

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