Smoke, a short film by Grzegorz Cisiecki

November 18, 2010

Smoke from Grzegorz Cisiecki on Vimeo.

Some things simply fall in your lap. This morning I received an email, apparently from a Belarussian filmmaker named Grzegorz Cisiecki, that read:

Dear Philip,
do not consider that as a crude obsession, but I would be extremely grateful if you could write a review to a my short movie (even very small) and give your vote. Believe me, it’s really important to me.

He sent me a link to the short film above. I’m guessing he got a hold of a list of film critics and decided to send his film to all of us, though I don’t know. (Maybe he’ll tell us.)

And while I initially had no plans to post it here, or to do anything more than send Mr. Cisiecki a brief critique, I thought it was a lovely and strange piece of work, indicative of a strong cinematic intelligence. So I thought I’d share it with you guys.

I also passed it along, without any comment, to BDA Legion of Doomer (and Arkansas Times film critic) Levi Agee (who had no way of knowing the filmmaker is Belarusian , not Polish). He said:

Wow. Like Eyes Wide Shut was regurgitated by David Lynch and Aki Kaurismaki. I really dug the cinematography and editing. I wish I saw more short films like this on vimeo. So much authority in this piece. It feels like there is a real sense of cinema behind it rather than just a visual exploit. Where did you find this? Polish cinema is back!

Well, I found it here. But it’s also here, and here, if any of you want to do our new friend from Minsk a favor.


  • Comment by levifilm — Nov 18,2010 at 1:31 pm

    Belarusian Cinema is Back!

  • Comment by levifilm — Nov 18,2010 at 1:36 pm

    What gave the me the thought of being a Polish film..from the Vimeo caption:
    Smoke (orig. “Dym”)

    “The story of the person who became the captive of surrealistic madness.

    Director and writer: Grzegorz Cisiecki

    Cinematography by Dawid Rymar

    Editing: Cecylia Pacura, Grzegorz Cisiecki

    Original score: Rashid Brocca, Aleksandr Poroch

    Cast: Marta Szumiel, Grzegorz Golaszewski, Oriana Soika, Bartlomej Nowosielski, Katarzyna Dalek, Hubert Jarczak, Malgorzata Kocik, Mark Malak, Krzysztof Wach

    Produced by Justyna Siedmiogrodzka and Norbert Nowak

    PWSFTViT, Poland, 2008”

  • Comment by Philip Martin — Nov 18,2010 at 1:39 pm

    Perfectly understandable. And you’re right — it is a Polish film.

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