DJC on Saw 3D

October 29, 2010

Alright, I didn’t see Saw 3D. But Legion of Doom member Danny-Joe Crofford did. He sends this dispatch:

”Okay, for the last seven years, we have always been able to count on a new film opening on Halloween weekend and finally, according to Tobin Bell, who was on 103.7 The Buzz on Thursday, it will be the last. Maybe. Again here is another 3-D film, which by the way was completely shot in 3-D, that I think doesn’t add much to the gore. Does it look good? Sure it does, but would it be bad if you saw it in 2-D? No. Here is my breakdown on the film. It answers any and all questions and plot holes except one. I’ll let you try to figure that one. You will see many victims from the previous installments including Cary Elwes, the first victim from the original film. There is a twist, but I think everyone will see it coming. It’s obvious, isn’t it?”

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