The Ballad of Tommy Smith

October 28, 2010

This came up on the radio this morning. But before I give you a link where you can listen to it, you need a little background.

I wrote this in February, before my buddy Tommy’s most recent hiatus from the airwaves and I never intended for this demo version to be heard by anyone other than a few close friends of the show. In my wildest dreams, I thought maybe David Bazzel or Danny-Joe Crofford might want someone more professionally musical to re-record it. But it really was just an inside joke.

But since Bazell brought it up this morning, I figured it only fair to let people in on the joke.

I know, at the very least, I ought to go back and it to some of the mistakes. (Such as when I call Frank Fletcher “Flank.”) But I’m too lazy and not especially vain about my musical abilities.

So if you want to hear “The Ballad of Tommy Smith,” click here.

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